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I am a woman, all encompassing, all embracing, forgiving, sensual, self aware, feeling, giving, living, trusting, loyal, intuitive, sexual, honouring, feminine woman.

Emotionally I am strong, spiritually I am in tune, awaken and intuitive. I am joyously proud of who I am, of what I've achieved, indeed also, of whom I'm yet to become. I live consciously of who I am, what I think, what I speak, what I do, and how I act. I am accepting of my faults recognising and immobilising their power over me. I am aware of my beautiful characteristics, both external and internal gifts.

I am woman unashamed, wild, untamed, free and alive. I embrace change, I love life, I treasure and welcome my life lessons for, I recognise that the world teaches you what you need to learn. I am a thinking woman and I choose to live in positivity. I am an accomplished professional, financially free. I am independent in all the dynamics of my life, emotionally, personally, professionally, spiritually. I stand true on my beliefs and uphold them unashamedly. I demolish boundaries, I set my own guidelines, my own rules, I live my own life. I love abundantly; my family, my friends, myself, partner, humanity. I welcome love. I am a woman pure in thought, giving of heart.

I stand with pride, I walk in pride, I love with passion, I give with spirit. I dance sensually out loud. I embrace the beauty of life, I appreciate life itself. I respect all wonders of this universe and it's universal laws.

I choose to avoid negativity, that poisonous addiction that destroys souls, spirits and mankind worldwide. Instead I focus and practice the purest essence of love, of optimism, joy and hope. I recognise the spirit of each soul, the soul that radiates love, it, so graciously, purely, gravitates within

I am woman, creative, artistic, unique, honouring, woman. Phenomenal woman, that is me. Consciously I choose anew, who is powerful and influential in her convictions. I am a teacher and yet a life student. I am a remarkable woman, as indeed are we all. I am strong and yet I can crumble. I am fearless and still I fear, I love and still I need more. I laugh and yet I cry, I stand as one and yet I stand for all. I am complicated and yet, I am so simple. I am a woman, that is all.

I radiate, I attract, I enhance the positive best from each soul. I am woman. I have faults; I accept and choose to love them. I stand tall, I walk tall, of that I'm so proud, as indeed of the fact that I love limitlessly. A woman who knows and understands herself, by respecting myself, I love myself, I am simply a woman. A woman who loves her world, her life, her accomplishments, her universe, her spirit. A woman who continues to believe, who trusts in herself and in the universe. I believe in others, I choose to trust, I choose to love and spread that love blanketing all. I am woman, glorious woman; this is who I am. I am blessed and I am very proud.

Helen P

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