South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence

Journey: Our story

For Family & Friends, Female Survivors

Tags: Child Sexual Abuse, Family Violence, Survivor's Stories

To all my parts on the inside, I am sad that your life has been so hard, I am sorry you have suffered such pain. I wish you could have run, and played skipped, sung and danced as all children do. I wish you had a childhood full of loving memories. I wish you could have trusted the adults in your life and felt as though you could tell your story and be heard and believed. Perhaps life could have been different for you.

I believe that from the time when we are born, we are on a journey. And that journey through life is about making the best of what we have been dealt; the journey is about the changes in ourselves, the things that happen in our lives, our friendships, our grief and our joy. These are the things that make us who we are. This is the story of my journey so far and of all my young parts that have helped me survive it.

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