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Life was confusing, mostly really scary while I was growing up. At the time, I didn't reflect about living, it is something that happened, day after day. No joy, no happiness, a confusing concentration of others’ emotions and my numbness. My mother was depressed and looking to me, a child for guidance and support. My father, toiling, working, playing, doing it all hard. Older brother, wild eyed, abusive in body and soul. The animals and I were smaller, more vulnerable, so we were the focus of every type of sadistic abuse. I can name this now, not then. Then, confusing and numb. At times, trembling, other times walking into the face of death.

As an adult, now, I am a gentle, honourable amazon, I have times of vulnerability and quivering inside, this is my humanness.

Being an amazon comes easily because of the practice of my childhood, this is not a shield, it is in my being, my soul, and vulnerability is also there. I have seen the vulnerableness as weakness, I no longer think this.

What do you think beautiful person? What is the way you walk life?

I know you re beautiful.


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