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A fairy tale

For Female Survivors, Male Survivors

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Once upon a time in a land far, far away there lived an old witch. She managed to marry a wonderful man but could not have children so she stole a little girl and kept her as her own so she could hang on to her husband. The little girl grew up and married a wonderful man. They were very much in love and had a girl then a boy. The old witch didn't like their happiness and warned them not to have any more children but they so loved their children, they wanted more. As soon as the third child was conceived their world turned black. The witch cursed them and the child. For years they struggled and then as soon as the fourth child was born, it seemed the curse had been lifted. Even the old witch seemed to love this fourth child, The young couple knew love to be stronger than evil and saw that the old witch was getting really, really old so they soon forgot all about the curse. The third child was sickly but he seemed less sickly after the birth of the fourth child.

The fourth child grew up loving both her brothers. Her sister was part of the big people's world so her two brothers were her world. The fourth child was strong and healthy so she was able to keep up with her brothers. They had fun together playing pirates, cowboys and indians and go on all sorts of adventures together. She felt safe with them; nothing could happen to her when she was with them. For many years life was good but the curse had not been lifted.

The fourth child had a gift of being able to instinctively see good and evil. She didn't really understand evil; she only knew that it was bad. So when she saw the evil changes in her brother she wasn't able to tell anyone, As the third child grew older, the effects of the curse grew bigger. The curse gave him special powers to fool everyone except the fourth child. He knew his little sister was the only one who could see the evil so he forced her to bear the shame and guilt of his evil deeds. Every night the third child changed into a giant and made her a victim of his evil. The fourth child knew this was bad but he cast a spell on her; she could not think about the night during the day so she could never, ever tell anyone even if she could have explained the evil that took place in her room. Every day he changed back. Every day the fourth child ached deep inside but the spell made her think she felt bad because she was bad.

Every night the giant devoured a little piece of the fourth child until there was a great big hole in her like a doughnut. In his shrewdness, at first he chewed on her heart and soul so no one could see but evil cannot stop. The parents noticed a change in the fourth child but could not understand just what it was they saw. All the wise men of the land did not understand. 'Nothing bad could have happened to the fourth child, not in this land; she must've been born like that' they all said. The cursed third child had fooled them all; no one ever thought that the hole in the fourth child had anything to do with all the changes in the little girl. Soon no one remembered the happy little fourth child that had existed, the fourth child that seemed to break the curse, the fourth child that had again brought colour to the black world the family had fallen into when the third child had been conceived.

The fourth child did not know or understand the source of the changes in her. She too forgot a time when the hole had not been there, she must've always been that way; a freak of nature, something ugly and had that no one could ever love or even like. Frantically she tried to fill the hole but nothing worked. All she could do was try and hide it and as long as no one came too close no one would see it. Surely she was the only one in the land like this.

In actual fact the fourth child grew up severed from her soul but how can you mend something when you don't know it has been torn away?

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