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Your Great Love

As I gaze at your glory and contemplate the vastness of your love
Your graceful beauty captures me
Can I hope to gain your attention as I fly by your stratosphere?
I long to draw near as I ascend as far as the outer realms
By day you surround me with the warmth of your light
And when I can't see you, you call on me in my dreams

Do you turn your eyes from me when you see my hidden motives?
You know my every thought and deed
You have seen my vain sacrifices, sufferings and pleas for your pardon
You are acquainted with all my hopes, joys and sorrows
When you hear my groans for justice is my offering of rectitude enough for you?
i need your assurance to comfort me in my darkest night

As the time so quickly passes and all the kingdoms fall like sand and fade
As you brood and pour over your great mountain peaks
Does the rain fall like tears from your face
When you survey your prodigious creation that you so lovingly crafted
Did your stewards fail to glorify thy name?
Be yet merciful, as you are merciful, to all who love you

I long to be near and enquire of your guardians that protect your throne
To petition them to point me near the place where you live
Will you harken me when the sun goes down in the desert sky?
By what means can one measure the breadth of your abounding love?
How long will you permit the habitations of the earth
To run free and wild to do as they please?

I do not understand your ways and wherefores
But I trust that your justice and righteousness will prevail over the earth
And mankind will see the greatness of your glory
No longer will eyes be blinded and ears deafened
With your magnificent light piercing each wayward soul
Turning faith-ward toward the father

Mary Louise Di Stasio

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