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I will be content

For Female Survivors, Male Survivors

Tags: Survivor's Stories

I wanna be strong, I wanna right the wrong;
Life has gone on and I did grow strong..
To look back at the pain is all in vain,
Time taken and yes, I''m a little shaken
But free to be, free to move on
The past can''t last, The future is here;
Stand up straight, and wipe the slate
You''re a survivor - You made it...

2 steps forward 1 step backwards,
Slow and steady wins the race;
Step by step I can seal life''s deal
Don''t look back that''s a beaten track
Look up the hill, it''s not so far;
I''ll make it to the top, but not in one stop,
Though to the top I will go
And oh! what a ride down the other side,
Happy confident and strong
I''ll go so fast finally, having unravelled the past
No grudges no judges I''m over the line,
I''ll be just fine, given time.

I''ve got a past and its quite vast,
it wasn''t the best but still I have the rest
My family is there but often impair, Non the less they are there
My eyes still open my ears still hear and you know what I''m still here,
With not so much to fear
Day by Day I actually can have my say, it''s never before been a given,
I can run I can walk and now I can even talk
I''ve chosen to be not so giving, now that I''m living.

High in the sky I could probably fly, Just you watch me try;
Goodbye to the past Good day to the future,
To the pain of my past I say "see you later on I''m moving on"
I''m determined and I''m learned
The path I take won''t be a mistake.
My aim was never to blame nor shame, Just to conquer the pain
In fact I''m neither the blame, so good riddens to the shame
Guilt only adds more flame
So if its all the same - There was not intent-so
I will be content...

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