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Hold onto Hope

For Family & Friends, Female Survivors, Male Survivors, Young People

Tags: Survivor's Stories

My life it is a story , chapters of pain play a part
I keep reading the same one when a new one has to start
Let the little child grow, you really must let her rest
I swear I'm workin towards it, honestly....doin my best

But the pain is never ending, its insane, its bloody absurd
On the inside I am screaming just tryin to be heard
Why can't I be normal and let the nightmares cease
Why am I like this and why do the voices increase

Is it just I the only one looking for a satisfied mind
Its way over yonder and I reach and reach but still can't find
Bear with me please...... I'm nearly on the other side
A side where I am me and no longer have to hide

So gather all the children, there's so many trapped in the pain
Pain caused by a trusted hand that sends us all insane
I feel I am forever searching, searching and I just can't cope
Is anyone out there, can you hear me, is there any hope

We see each other and together we will get through
We’re not the ones that did this, it wasn't me or you
I want you to know I see YOU better than you know
I see behind the mask and the pain we can't let go

I see it in your eyes, that look you can not hide
You cover it with smiles but the pain is still inside
So come...restore the broken pieces, let me be the light
Hold onto Hope together, I promise you, we will be alright

By Dayna

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