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Diane's say

For Female Survivors, Male Survivors

Tags: Survivor's Stories

I have your name and I have your face
Your genes and your reluctant grace
Someone somewhere made me this way
You chose for me here but I had my say
To be born into this world with this much pain
The truth of my life shall remain
As secrets are created through questionable truths
It doesn't matter whose the parent when I'm always the youth
Every night he rapes me, every cycle ends the same
Wish he didn't, hope he doesn't, wonder does he know my name?
My mother doesn't know me
I look to her like candy
And dolls and toys and troublesome boys
She doesn't see me randy
I wish that she could see me
I wish that he would too
I hate that they don't love me
I don't know what else I can do
I get good grades, I play alone
I'm quiet and polite, and almost unknown
I do my hair and dress myself
And clean my room from bed to shelf
And when it's night I pray
That mummy save me and daddy go away
And then again he comes at me
And again for an eternity
I can't let go and feel this pain
I hate too much the awful rain
That fell on me and me alone
When all the children in their homes
Were loved and safe and comforted
I was completely unprotected
Now I know it's not my fault
My destiny is this result
Whatever happened, no matter what they did
They live their lives with me kid
They know how they hurt me, they hold their own pain
I was just the victim hit by their rain
But not know you see I have someone
A mother, a friend, a confidante
I am Diane and she Christine
And together we fight for eternity
To change our lives to match ourselves
To feel the pain to which I've shelved
And see the courage that we hold
The strength it takes to break the mold
I know we have just what it takes
To change our world to suit our make.

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