South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence

By Cat

For Female Survivors, Male Survivors

Tags: Survivor's Stories

You wanna know why i am the way i am...
Honest, sooky, kind, real...?
It's because i've seen the worst in people
and i wanna be the best people see in someone
Cos this is life can be fucked sometimes
so much hatred and selfishness
Money is what is worshiped
All people seem to do is judge and play games
That ain't me..
i choose to take the high road
at every opportunity
I choose to give people a second chance, forgive when i can
So if you choose to fuck with me or screw me over
I won't sweat it
I'll get back up
You can't keep me down,
No matter what you do
cos ive already been to hell
i've been stomped on,
been pushed to the edge
You wouldn't believe the things ive seen
Yet ive stood up
faced my demons
despite all obstacles placed before me
im still here
still kicking
Despite all the crap or the lies ive been told....
i havent been converted,
stayed true to myself
stood up for those who couldn't
never became bitter and cynical
and i never will
so do your best to fight me,
destroy me
all I'll do is feel pity for you,
stand back up
face to face
wonder who it was that defeated you
for you to behave the way you do
In the end
all that matters to me is being the best i can be
constantly evolving
constantly sharing all that ive learned
Am i too real for you?
most likely
but don't worry
one day you'll get it
i won't be a pyramid to you anymore
At least hopefully
because as i said
ive seen the worst in people
and so i wanna be the best people see in someone.

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