South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence

Beyond the Pain

Unspoken secrets
Stolen by his hand
You say everything is alright
She's trying hard to understand

She feels trapped
Like a bird in his command
Knowing she can't run
There's nowhere to hide

So she slips away
She’s really not there at all
Colours fading into grey
Scared if she might fall

And she finds it hard to sleep
Chasing horses in the sky
Running from dark shadows
Longing for the day she could fly

Now she spends her time
Roaming down lonely streets
Walking a thin line
Seeking on the outside

Strangers making empty promises
The night gets so cold
She grows weary and confused
Searching for someone to hold

So hard to keep this silence
Realises courage to face her fears
She can’t conceal her broken innocence
Her smile holding back the tears

There’s a secret smile
That’s beyond her pain
New found strength to trust
An extended hand from beyond

Mary Louise Di Staslo

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