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A story by B

For Female Survivors, Male Survivors

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My step dad used to call me his hottie
When he took me by the hand
He'd tell me I was beautiful
And beside him I would stand.

Looking up to him with loving eyes
Until the day I turned 12
My step dad changed
And changed my view on men.

At night when I lay
Alone in my bed
I hoped for once my step dad
Would go to the work instead....

Instead of coming to me
When I was on my own
Molesting and raping me
If only my mummy had known.

But he said it was our secret
He'd kill me if I told
It happened at least every second day
Till I was 16 years old.

I have had boyfriend
but always be scared of them
Because of the way he treated me
And him pretending to love me
Everyday this made me feel so sick

Then one day I realised
This couldn't happen anymore.

I told my friend
She told her dad
Then I had the courage to tell the cops
And I'm thankful I did
But thats not where it stops.

It wasn't just me
My younger sister
Now she will keep it in,
She's scared to tell

What a sick monster
My mother won't understand me
It's like she hates me

She forgave him
How could she?
After what he did to us
What he did to me.

When I think of how I loved him
How my admiration was true
It makes me sick to my heart
Of what a man can do.

By B Aged 18

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