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A lifetime of choices

For Female Survivors, Male Survivors

Tags: Survivor's Stories

Life's full of worthy soldiers fighting for their peace of mind
They wander through the illusion of reality
Shooting down that that is not their kind
They are victims to themselves
Traitors to their platoon
They are the prey that's preyed upon
The meat that's used too soon

In a war that is unjustified
Seeping through the darkened clouds of regretful transformations
The vultures wait
The soldier picks up his weapon,
puts on his armor,
prepares himself
Knowing too little about what's at stake

Sunshine; the father that guides his child
Shines down on the soldier,
giving him the warmth of courage
the strength of masculinity
The insight of black and white
He shows him color and light
He enables him to witness the reality of death
The brutality of war
The angst against the struggle onto himself

The soldier is the creation of life
The creator is his mother earth
who allows her son to plant his feet loosely on her ground
She brings to him the soil of growth, love, beauty
Her gifts form flowers strengthened by his father sun
She is his nurturer,
his steady moral compass

He holds his parents inside himself
as the creation of life
and the creator of life
He knows their purpose,
he knows his own
He breaks his barrier,
takes away his weapon,
unsuits himself
he is free
he is happy
he is frightened
A choice to a change,
a lifetime of choices

Here he stands naked in amongst a catastrophic war
Faith was just the first step
He must be tempted
He must be lured by the darkness of the gray
He must passively fight his own demons
He looks to the ground
a flower bud solitude in amongst decay
His found his tool
A delicate transformation brings courage and depth to his soul
He picks the flower and holds it in his hand
A life created by beautiful unfortunate circumstance
The things we ask for,
the lessons we receive instead

Vampires live amongst the coiling soil
Waiting to lurch on those who have a need to fill
And no internal fillings
Vultures lure the vampires to their neck
Tricking them into the lure of blood from a bloodless creature
The child sits and cries,
arms clamped against the world of possibilities
Eyes waiting to be watched
The flower bud spurts its wings,
petals fold gracefully in the soldiers witnessing hands
He becomes a warrior

Vampires try to latch onto his neck
but his skin is unbreakable
Soldiers try to shoot him down
but their bullets are powerless
Vultures try to carry him into their den of gray and deadly deceit
But his feet are too heavily planted on the ground
All his pain is now internal,
All his war is that to which he fights inside himself
He no longer creates in his external world the illusion of control
He is no longer another mans pray
He is not a victim or a perpetuator
He is just and just is him
And now he has the tools to do great things
He is able to seek inside himself the gifts he longs to give to the world
A world where he is the creator of life and the creation of life

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