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Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

Tzedek's primary role is to promote the prevention of sexual abuse of children within the Jewish community. Tzedek aims to raise awareness and educate the Jewish and broader community on issues relating to child sexual abuse in order to prevent instances of abuse in the future.

Tzedek provides culturally specific prevention programs such as community and professional education forums, a school protective behaviours program (under the SECASA education team), programs for boards members, parents and teachers, strategies to implement child protection policy and other innovative initiatives such as Storytelling events.

Support victims/survivors

Tzedek also provides counselling to victims/survivors of child sexual abuse and assist them with supported referrals to community agencies and services. This service is offered in conjunction with the SECASA counselling service, providing options for counselling with culturally sensitive or generalist counsellors. The counselling offered includes support with police, child protection, legal services, Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal.

The victims/survivors right to confidentiality and anonymity is emphasised and assured throughout this process.


Tzedek advocacy work is conducted in conjunction with SECASA. Advocacy is conducted with government, Jewish community institutions, law enforcement and other relevant agencies to promote change in the Jewish community in its response and implementation of strategies to reduce the incidence of child sexual abuse. Some of the recent initiatives include community forums on challenging policy and practice issues, initiating a Child Safety Communities of Practice in the Jewish community, engaging in research initiatives and collaboration with other Jewish community organisations in promoting education and awareness campaigns.

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