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About Tzedek

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About Tzedek

Tzedek provides a national support, prevention and advocacy service to survivors of sexual abuse in the Jewish community. Our work includes:

  • Support and counselling to survivors of familial and institutional abuse and their families, including assistance with the National Redress Scheme.
  • A culturally specific evidenced based education program, Project J-Protect. The program is available to organisations such as schools, synagogues, youth movements, scouts and sporting clubs and is tailored to meet the needs of the specific organisation.
  • A child protection policy consultancy service, working closely with Jewish organisations to better support them in the development and sustainability of their child protections policies. This service promotes a link between policy, education and best practice in a culturally sensitive matter.


Our vision is to create a Jewish community free of child sexual abuse.


Our mission is to prevent child sexual abuse in the Jewish community by raising awareness and creating cultural change, educating all sectors of the community, including lay and religious leadership, professionals, parents and children whilst providing support to victims/survivors and their families with counselling, support groups and advocacy.

Who can refer?

Referrals to Tzedek can be made by:

  • Victims/Survivors
  • Family members
  • Consultation with professionals and members of the Jewish community
  • Representatives of organisations seeking education programs
  • Representatives of organisations seeking consultation regarding child protection policies

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