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SECASA's online “House Rules”

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Our aim

That SECASA’s online community will reflect the aims and objectives of SECASA. These rules cover participation in SECASA’s online presence including our web sites and social network pages. SECASA reserves the right to change this agreement at any time. By joining or commenting via SECASA online, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Remember that when you make comments online a large audience might see your post and unlike the spoken word, your written posts may exist on the internet for a long time.

Please note that comments posted by users are those of the individuals themselves, and may not reflect SECASA policies or positions. Always verify information with a qualified professional before taking action.

What we think is great:

  • Relevant news and interesting observations.
  • People who are polite and considerate to each other.
  • Comments free of foul language*, abuse, insults or personal attacks.
  • Comments that are insightful, informed, thought provoking, on topic.

What does not belong:

  • People who use their posts to push their own agenda. This is annoying and kind of selfish.
  • Posts that are really advertising. Use your own web page for this.
  • Posts that are racist, sexist, homophobic, discriminatory or contain derogatory language.
  • Trolls and haters – no soup for you here!
  • People who breach either our legal or behavioural house rules (or both).

Please remember

Our online community content is read by sexual assault survivors, so please do not use the f bomb, c bomb or other explicit language as they may offend or trigger painful memories.

Rules for comments and posts

1. Moderation decisions

1.1 SECASA reserves the right to:

  • Remove any comments that we deem inappropriate or fall outside our house rules.
  • Block users who fail to abide by our rules.

1.2 We will remove any content that we consider to be:

  • Libellous, or that may otherwise put us in legal jeopardy.
  • Offensive (including inappropriate language). This includes screen names and avatars.
  • Threatening. 

2. Legal rules

Please do not:

  • Give professional, medical or legal advice to other users. This may put our online presence or users, at risk.
  • Make false or misleading statements
  • Write posts or comments that infringe copyright, defame anyone or breach the Data Protection Act or COPPA.
  • Write tips about piracy or hacking, or post links to this information.

3. Rules about behaviour

We ask that your posts do not:

  • Impersonate someone else.
  • Make a personal attack on an author, another user or any individual.
  • Discuss or allege illegal activities – be they criminal or civil.
  • Name people who have wronged you, or perpetrators who have not been convicted of a crime.
  • Name people by association eg ‘my brother/father/aunt etc.
  • Include the contact details of any professional sexual assault worker, for example an employee's name or direct phone number.
  • Include private correspondence (emails, etc) or transcripts of private conversations (phone calls, face-to-face discussions).
  • Use capitals/shouting.
  • Start or perpetuate flame wars.

4. Rules about Links

4.1 SECASA is not responsible for:

  • The content of any linked website, or any link contained in a linked website, or any changes or updates to such websites. The inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement by SECASA of that website.
  • The privacy practices of any linked web sites. You should read the privacy statements of every web site that asks for personal information from you.

4.2 Please do not include links that:

  • Direct other users to your personal website.
  • Sell products or services.
  • Lead to web pages or other online content that we would consider to be against the aims and objectives of SECASA.
  • If in doubt, email us and ask.

4.3 Promotional posts

Please do not:

  • Hassle us to promote your stuff to our audience. If we like what you are doing, we’ll put it out there ourselves.
  • Post unsolicited survey links, research or media requests asking for participants. Please contact SECASA directly with your requests and we will help if we can.
  • Promotional material can be sent to us at

5. Rules for online safety

  • To keep everyone safe, do not post any personal information such as contact details, email addresses or images of yourself or other people (excluding avatars) unless you’ve been given permission to do so by our online team.
  • Please message us or email us directly .

6. Use of your material

  • Messages or stories shared in SECASA’s online presence may be used in other SECASA activities, for example screen grabs may be used for training or research (identifying data will be removed).

7. If you disagree with our house rules

  • If you disagree with our house rules, we will not take it personally, and nor should you when we suggest that the SECASA online community might not be for you.
  • Questions, comments and feedback can be sent to the web team at .

* Swearing or offensive words which are contextually understandable, e.g removing a letter, replacing letters with another character, using initials, or changing the spelling slightly, may be moderated. This includes words as part of avatars or user names.

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