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The Joint Clinical Legal Service provides legal advice and assistance to all victim/survivors of sexual assault, non-offending family members and any other person affected by the assault, other than the offender.

We offer a unique service which works closely with counsellors and provides legal advice in familiar surroundings for victims.

Sexual assault is a crime

Legal redress, for many victims of sexual assault, provides them with an opportunity to seek justice and to gain control of their life.

The service is staffed by volunteer lawyers and Monash Law students with a high degree of awareness of sexual assault issues, under the supervision of lawyers experienced in the area.

The survivor is never responsible

Advice and/or representation can be given in relation to all matters arising out of sexual assault including:

  • Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal;
  • Appeals to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal;
  • Action against religious bodies;
  • Civil actions against offenders where appropriate;
  • Family law and wills issues related to sexual assault;
  • Liaison with Medical Practitioners Board;
  • Assistance with complaints to the Health Services Commission;
  • Sexual assault in a therapeutic relationship;
  • Advocacy/support for complainants required to give evidence in criminal proceedings;
  • Family violence issues and intervention orders arising from sexual assault;
  • Workplace pressure to provide sexual service;
  • General advocacy in relation to the above with housing authorities, Police, Centrelink, Department of Human Services, Law Institute, Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs.


Where and how to access the service:

South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault
Contact the duty worker Monday - Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm on:
Telephone (03) 9594 2289
Fax (03) 9928 8749
P.O. Box 72 East Bentleigh 3165
There is no charge for this service.

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