South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence

Restorative justice program

For Female Survivors, Male Survivors

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Author: South Eastern CASA

What is restorative justice?

Restorative justice helps people who have been sexually or physically assaulted to communicate with the other people involved, about the harm that has been caused. The police and courts will not usually be involved.

If you have been affected by sexual or physical assault, and would like to talk to the offender, family members or anyone else involved, restorative justice may be able to help.

You can have a face-to-face meeting, or a different type of communication. A SECASA facilitator will help with the process.

Interested in the program?

Please ask your SECASA counsellor for more information. You will be asked to complete a Restorative Justice Intake Form. Your counsellor will help you to identify:

  • The harm that is to be addressed
  • The person responsible for causing the harm
  • Other people you would like to be involved
  • The type of communication to be used
  • The outcomes you want
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