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Adult women survivors group

A support group for adult women survivors of childhood sexual assault. Have you had some counselling and would now like to meet other women who might be facing similar issues as yourself?

Adult male survivors group

A support group for male survivors of sexual assault. This group offers a caring and confidential environment to discuss topics such as dealing with the past, family, relationships, ways of coping and nurturing ourselves.

Parents or carers group

For parents or carers of children who have been sexually assaulted, this group provides a supportive environment in which to discuss and learn about a variety of topics.

Young people and children's group

A support group for children and young people who have experienced sexual assault or family violence. This group offers creative and fun ways to explore difficult issues and meet some special friends along the way.

Art group

Come and join in a nurturing and supportive group where you can explore your thoughts and feelings through the use of various art media.

Partners group

A support group for partners of women or men who have experienced sexual assault. Discuss a variety of issues and topics as they relate to you and your partner. Explore impact on relationship(s), ways of coping and new strategies.

Group for women whose partners have been sexual offenders

Have you been able to talk to anyone about what this has meant for you? Come to this supportive and confidential group and meet with women who will understand your feelings.

Sexuality information group

This group for adult female or male survivors of sexual assault offers a confidential and supportive environment where trained counsellors assist with discussion about sexuality, relationship and communication issues.

Information sessions

Would you like to know more about the legal system as it relates to sexual assault and family violence, or the role of the Department of Human Services? Do you have questions about counselling, or maybe just want to know, 'where to from here?' These and other topics are discussed in informative day sessions (or evening sessions if we have sufficient numbers).

Contact us

Groups are run regularly when we have sufficient numbers.

Contact SECASA on 03 9928 8741 and register your interest in attending a group or information session.

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