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The information presented in this manual should provide an overview and some background to working with victim/survivors with an intellectual disability. Key issues, resources and strategies have been presented to enable the counsellor/advocate to plan for their work with people with an intellectual disability. Expertise and competence in this area will grow with experience.

The accompanying resources produced during the FPV Sexual Assault Project can be referred to for more information:

  • Recognising and Responding to Sexual Assault of People with an Intellectual Disability: A literature review summarising key research reports in this area.
  • Working with Victim/Survivors of Sexual Assault with an Intellectual Disability: Recommended Practice Guidelines for CASAs
  • Sexual Assault. It's Not OK: An information booklet for people with an intellectual disability

For more information contact the Family Planning Victoria Disability Unit. This team can provide consultancy on working with people with an intellectual disability in the area of sexuality and human relations, group education programs for people with disabilities, counselling for issues relating to sexuality and relationships, one to one education for people whose sociosexual behaviours are placing themselves or others at risk and professional education programs.

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