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South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence

Working with intellectual disability clients

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Sexual Assault & Intellectual Disability Resource Kit

The Sexual Assault and Intellectual Disability Resource Kit brings together for the first time a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience from Australia and overseas. This kit will prove to be invaluable for those working with victims/survivors of sexual assault with an intellectual disability plus teaching centres delivering courses focussing on disability issues.

Created by Family Planning Victoria Disability Program

Training manual

The Training manual provides an excellent training program for those working with victims/survivors with an intellectual disability. It also lends itself for use as a community education and/or staff induction manual.

A review of the literature

This booklet provides an overview of current research in the area of sexual assault and people with an intellectual disability. It summarises incidence and prevalence studies and examines the literature addressing counselling and support techniques as reported by professionals working in the area.

Practice guidelines

Developed in consultation with the Centres Against Sexual Assault it provides counsellor/advocates with a practical framework for working with a victim/survivor with an intellectual disability.

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