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Ice-breaker game: “Legal or Illegal?”

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Time: 5 - 20 mins depending on how many questions used

Aim: To identify issues around sexting

  1. Ask students to stand.
  2. Designate 3 areas of the room as: “Legal”, “Not Sure”, “Illegal”.
  3. Read out the first scenario.
  4. Ask students to move to “Legal”, “Not Sure” or “Illegal”.
  5. Ask students why they chose that option and tease out their thoughts. Don’t seek to deliver facts – summarise the issues students have raised.
  6. Repeat with other questions.
  7. Recap the issues that students have raised, so they can be addressed later.

Scenarios to read out to students (Note: these scenarios do not have to be read in order):

  1. A teacher “friends” a student on Facebook and discusses personal things with them. (Legal but breach of professional conduct)
  2. A teacher interacts with students using email for school-related matters. (Legal)
  3. A teacher flirts sexually with a student on a social media site. (Breach of professional conduct. Illegal if student under 18)
  4. A 16 year old girl sends a naked image of herself to her 17 year old boyfriend. (Illegal under current laws)
  5. A 22 year old woman sends a naked image of herself to her 24 year old boyfriend. (Legal)
  6. A 19 year old guy sends a naked image of himself to a 19 year old girl whom he likes. (Legal, but if she didn’t want this, it might be sexual harassment depending on circumstances).
  7. A 16 year old girl takes a picture of her two 16 year old friends in their bikini’s down at the beach and posts the photo up on facebook tagging them as being at the beach. (Legal, they are not showing any of their private areas, although always check with your friends before posting their pictures).

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