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“How did this happen?” Matt and Nikki’s story

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Time: 20 - 25 mins

Group size: Small group activity

  1. Assign students into 4 small groups.
  2. Display the poster and explain that this illustrates a story about sexting:
    • First, Matt asks Nikki to send him a sexy picture of herself.
    • Nikki is not comfortable, but her friends persuade her.
    • Matt receives the sext, and later sends it to some of his friends.
    • Many people see it and make comments. Nikki is upset.
  3. Give each group one Story Card. Ask them to read out the questions on the back as a group, answer them and discuss the story events and issues.
  4. Please stress to the students that both Matt and Nikki are under 18 and that both of them have mobile phones. - DO NOT ask students directly if they have sent or received sexts. Students who wish to speak with you could do so privately after the class.
  5. After 3 - 4 minutes, ask students to get ready to summarise the main points from their answers.
  6. In order of the story events, ask each group to give their summary, starting with the group that has Matt’s request for a picture.
  7. Resolve any differences of opinion about the motivation of the characters, how they might feel about what happens and the part played by peer group pressure.

Ask: What do you think about the tag line on the poster: “Respect Me – Don’t Sext Me?”

Hand out copies of the “Sexting Information sheet for students”

Download Story cards (Card 1, Card 2, Card 3, Card 4)

Download the poster

Download the Sexting Information sheet for students

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