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“Flying Into Danger” paper airplane game

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Time: 15 – 20 mins

You will need: Sheets of A4 paper, pencils, sticky tape, a waste paper basket or cardboard box.

Aim: Using Paper Aeroplanes to Summarise Students’ Learning

Task 1

  1. Divide the class into small groups
  2. Give each group 4 pieces of paper
  3. Ask them to write on each piece, something that might happen if someone sends a sext of themselves to someone else. DO NOT WRITE ‘NOTHING HAPPENS’.

Task 2

  1. Groups stick their papers describing events on the floor around the waste paper basket/box – about 2 feet from each other.
  2. Stick a sign “Nothing Happens” on the waste paper basket/box.

Task 3

  1. Give each student a piece of paper.
  2. Ask them to write their name on it, and then fold it into a plane.
  3. In turn, students throw their plane – trying to get it into the waste paper basket/box.

Task 4

  1. Look at where each plane landed – what happened to each person.
  2. How many went into the “Nothing happens” bin and how many got into trouble?

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