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Case Studies – for class discussion

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Time: 3 - 5 mins each case study

These case studies are included as another activity for teachers to use (if they wish) to create some discussion. Case study 2 is important as young people will still 'friend' someone on social media sites like Facebook, because another friend of theirs is friends with the person. Young people believe that the ‘stranger’ must therefore be able to be trusted - yet they do not necessarily know the person. Online dating/chat rooms can also be an issue when people trust a stranger because they have been speaking to them online for 2-4 months and think it is safe to meet that person face to face.

Case Study 1 – identify the issues

A 16 year old boy asks his 16 year old girlfriend to send him a sexy photo for his birthday. She isn’t comfortable with this, but does it anyway. The boy sends the image to two of his best mates, who make comments to the girl. She is upset, and the boys say that because she sent the picture she gave consent for what happened to it.

Case Study 2 – identify the issues

Janet meets a man via an online dating site. He lives overseas and they talk on Skype. He persuades her to take her clothes off during one conversation, and he takes screen shots without her knowing. Later he tries to blackmail her, threatening to circulate the pictures to people she knows, if she does not pay money to him. She refuses and he creates a false Facebook account in her name, using the photos – and “friends” people she knows. Janet finds out when members of her family are “friended” and see the pictures.

Hand out copies of the “Sexting Information sheet for students”.

Download the Sexting Information sheet for students

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