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Information for victims of rape

For Female Survivors, Male Survivors, Workers, Young People

Tags: Child Sexual Abuse, For Clients, Legal Information, Medical Information, Rape

Author: South Eastern CASA

This article is designed to give those of you who have been or currently are the victims of sexual assault (together with the friends, family and perhaps school counsellors who are supporting you) information which should be of use to you.

You will find a list of all Centres Against Sexual Assault (CASAs) in the contacts section. From them you will be able to obtain more detailed information and assistance. If you don't feel like speaking to anybody at a Centre Against Sexual Assault at the moment, there is material to read. If you do feel like speaking to someone, your local Centre is only a phone call away. You do not need to give your name or any identifying information to the worker to whom you speak. When you are ready to seek more advice, it is an easy matter to make an appointment.

The one thing to remember is that what you have gone through, and are going through, is very common in our society. You are not alone.

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