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How do I explain to others

For Family & Friends

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Author: Department of Human Services

There will be people who will be curious to know what has happened to your child and want to know why changes have occurred recently in your family.

It is your child's and your family's business and where possible it is best for you and your child to decide who should be told and when. It may be helpful for you to confide in a few trusted friends or relatives in order to gain support for what is likely to be a difficult time for you and your child.

You may like to ask yourself the question - who needs to know? If your child is of school age, it may be helpful for your child's classroom teacher to have some understanding of what has occurred. This may help the teacher deal with behaviour that your child may display at school. It may also help to explain to the teacher why your child has been behaving in a certain way. However the teacher does not need to know all of the details of what happened and they might not need to know at all if your child is not displaying any changes in behaviour or any change in their school performance. If your child sees the same doctor regularly, it may be helpful to tell them that your child has been sexually abused.

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