South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence

Feeling safer

For Female Survivors, Male Survivors, Young People

Tags: Caring for Yourself, Prevention

Author: South Eastern CASA

If you are a survivor of sexual or physical assault you might experience fear and anxiety around issues of safety. This is a normal and appropriate response to what has happened to you. Talking about these fears and worries with your counsellor, friends and family will help you deal with these feelings. This information sheet talks about some strategies you might use to help you to feel safer and to build your self confidence. You can use this information to build on your own intuition and knowledge about safety so that you can deal with the world on your own terms again.

Sometimes, reading about self protection can create a sense of guilt. Survivors may think “why didn’t I do this?” or “I should have done that”. Remember that the responsibility lies solely with the offender. You had no way of knowing that you would be assaulted. No matter what you did or didn’t do, the offender is solely responsible for the assault on you. Reading through this information might initially increase your feelings of fear and anxiety. This information is here for you to add to your own resources for dealing with potentially difficult situations, not all of the suggestions will suit your individual needs.


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