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Dental issues: Bridging the gap - research report

For Female Survivors, Male Survivors, Workers

Tags: Medical Information, Student Projects

Author: South Eastern CASA

Bridging the gap: The impact of sexual assault on oral health and dental experiences

A research report by Allison Payet

This research study is a compilation of the responses from 95 participants using phone, email, written and online surveys conducted over a period of 3 months from July to September, 2007. It explores the experiences of adult female and male victim/survivors of sexual assault when accessing and receiving dental treatment and the awareness of dental professionals around the prevalence of sexual assault and the impact that sexual assault can have on victim/survivors dental experiences.

The potential benefits of this study are widespread including increased dental attendance, oral health status and general wellbeing for victim/survivors. Prospective advantages exist for dental professionals in such that happier clients with more positive dental experiences can increase the rate of return, maintain appointments and sustain life long clientele, ultimately enhancing economic return. Although there are discernable oral health issues for children who are victims of CSA and patients of dental clinics, this research study only explores the issues and impacts for adult victim/survivors in a dental context.

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