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Commonwealth redress scheme for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse

The Australian Government committed $33.4 million in the 2017–18 Budget to establish a Commonwealth Redress Scheme for survivors of institutional child sexual abuse and it expected that State Governments will follow.

The establishment of the Scheme is an acknowledgement by the Government that sexual abuse suffered by children in institutional settings was wrong and should not have happened.

The Scheme will provide eligible survivors with redress in the form of a monetary payment of up to $150,000, and the opportunity to access counselling and psychological services to address impacts of their experience.

Survivors will be able to lodge applications for redress from 1 July 2018. Survivors will have access to community-based support services, including legal support, to assist them with the application process. Applications for redress will be assessed by independent decision makers against a range of factors and criteria.

The Victorian Centres Against Sexual Assault CASAs have been providing counselling for men, women and children who have experienced sexual assault since 1977 developing specialised understanding of the impacts and a workforce focused on recovery and healing. CASAs can provide survivors of institutional child sexual abuse who have received payment under the scheme specialised trauma counselling services to support them in this journey.

CASAs will provide this service in addition to programs currently delivered for free by the Victorian Government and this new service will attract a fee of $100- per hour. If you are already a client or a past client you will not attract this fee.

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