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About sexual assault

For Female Survivors, Young People

This booklet explains what sexual assault is, why it happens and gives some facts about sexual assault.

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Abuse of Older Women

For Family & Friends, Female Survivors, Workers

The following information is and excerpt from the a 2006 article by the Australian Institute of Family Studies entitled 'Elder Abuse' and the sexual assault of older women'. It has been reproduced with permission of the author.

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Beliefs to be reinforced

For Workers

It's neither possible or desirable to prescribe which counselling approach is best suited to your provision of support to victims of sexual assault.

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Breaking the last taboo: sexual abuse by female perpetrators

For Female Survivors, Male Survivors, Workers

This article examines the controversies surrounding the issue of female sexual abuse and the struggles which we have in confronting this abuse. An explanation of sexual abuse by women within feminist understanding is proposed.

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Common beliefs about rape

For Female Survivors, Students

MYTH - Women and girls enjoy being raped. FACT - Rape is a degrading, humiliating and painful experience which no woman enjoys. Some rape victims go through years of trauma, nightmares and suicidal feelings. Nobody enjoys being raped. MYTH - Men have no control when they are sexually aroused.

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Counselling information for women

For Female Survivors, Workers

This booklet has some basic information about counselling and your rights. It covers issues such as types of counselling, questions to ask the counsellor, common issues, confidentiality and complaints.

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Date rape

For Family & Friends, Female Survivors, Male Survivors, Students, Teachers, Workers

This information sheet is for people aged 16 and over
In Australia an estimated 16% of women have experienced sexual violence since the age of 15 by someone they know compared to 5% of women who, since the age of 15, have experienced sexual violence by a stranger. 5.

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Date/acquaintance rape

For Family & Friends, Female Survivors, Male Survivors, Young People

What is it?"Date rape" happens when someone you know forces or manipulates you into having sex with them when you haven't given consent. It can happen between partners, on dates, with friends, friends of friends or just acquaintances. Over 80% of offenders are known to the victim.

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Dental issues: Information for survivors of sexual assault

For Family & Friends, Female Survivors, Male Survivors, Students, Workers, Young People

Sexual assault survivors are resistant to dental treatment for much of the same reasons that they have difficulty with health issues.

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Feelings after sexual assault

For Female Survivors, Male Survivors

Each individual victim of sexual assault has their own personal and private experience. The way they respond to the assault is determined by a multitude of factors. However, just as there are common patterns of sexual assault, there are common responses to sexual assault.

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For foster carers

For Family & Friends, Workers

What to do if your foster child discloses sexual abuse

It is often the case that when a child comes into foster care that very little is known about his/her background.

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For friends

For Family & Friends, Students, Young People

Information for people whose friends have been sexually assaulted.

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For grandparents

For Family & Friends

As a Grandparent, there are many issues that must be faced when your child has sexually assaulted a grandchild.

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For parents

For Family & Friends

A booklet for parents of children who have been sexually assaulted. It contains information on issues for non-offending parents.

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For partners of female survivors

For Family & Friends

This handbook is written as a guide for all husbands, lovers, or partners of women who were sexually abused as children.

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Getting back on track

For Family & Friends, Young People

It's important to understand that you may not be able to function at 100% capacity for a while following a major trauma like sexual assault. This fact sheets examines ways to take care of yourself.

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Going to court

For Family & Friends, Female Survivors, Male Survivors, Workers, Young People

In Victoria, all criminal cases against adults begin in the Magistrates’ Court. Most criminal cases against people aged over 10 and under 18 at the time of the offence are dealt with by the Children’s Court.   The following pages contain information for victim/survivors about these courts.

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Going too far: Creating non-violent relationships

For Young People

This booklet gives young people the chance to look at what happens when people have destructive relationships, and to show you that you can decide to have relationships without having to dominate or be victimised.

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Has your drink been spiked

For Female Survivors, Male Survivors, Young People

This pamphlet has been developed by the CASAs and Victoria Police to provide information about the options for help and support available to anyone who believes she/he may have been the victim of a sexual assault as a result of drink spiking.

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How family & friends can help

For Family & Friends, Female Survivors, Male Survivors

After a sexual assault, the victim needs to
Get medical attention
Know it wasn't their fault. Feel safe
Take control of their life. Be believed. Things you can do to help
Listen, don't judge - Try to simply understand their feelings.

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