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Articles about “Child Abuse”

Recognising abuse and neglect

For Family & Friends, Teachers, Workers

This booklet lists the indicators of child physical abuse, emtional abuse and neglect. Singly and more often in combination they can alert us to the possibility of sexual abuse and the need for further investigation.

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Responding to abuse: a matter of perspective

For Students, Workers

This article attempts to highlight how people accused of the abuse of children are able to sway public opinion, just as public opinion was swayed because of media coverage in these cases.

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Restore Victorian Redress Counselling Service

For Family & Friends, Female Survivors, Male Survivors

Restore is a counselling service for Victorian residents who have accepted an offer from the National Redress Scheme.

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Teachers & mandatory reporting

For Teachers

The obligations and responsibilities of schools and school principals and teachers for identifying and responding to child abuse and neglect including allegations of sexual abuse are described in the Victorian Government School Policy and Advisory Guide

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Teachers frequently asked questions

For Teachers

A guide for teachers that covers common questions such as 'what do to if a child discloses?', how to help a child and talking about secrets.

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Trauma responses in children

For Family & Friends, Teachers

It can often be very difficult to recognise whether or not a child is being abused, both for parents and for professionals.

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Types of child abuse

For Family & Friends, Female Survivors, Male Survivors, Students, Teachers, Workers, Young People

Child abuse is an act by parents or caregivers which endangers a child or young person's physical or emotional health or development. Child abuse is not usually a single incident, but takes place over time.

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