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Articles about “Child Abuse”

Child physical abuse: Understanding and responding

For Students, Teachers, Workers

This booklet has been developed for professionals whose work brings them into contact with children and who are required by law to report child physical abuse. It contains information concerning: Definitions; Indicators; Effects; Legislation; How to report child physical abuse; and how to help and protect children who have been...

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For friends

For Family & Friends, Students, Young People

Information for people whose friends have been sexually assaulted.

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Mother/daughter rape

For Female Survivors, Students, Workers

This Chapter appeared in Womens encounters with violence: Australian experiences. Edited by Sandy Cook and Judith Bessant, 1997. Sage Publications. This work is reproduced here for the purposes of the SECASA website only. No unauthorised copying is permitted without the permission of the Author.

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Responding to abuse: a matter of perspective

For Students, Workers

This article attempts to highlight how people accused of the abuse of children are able to sway public opinion, just as public opinion was swayed because of media coverage in these cases.

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Types of child abuse

For Family & Friends, Female Survivors, Male Survivors, Students, Teachers, Workers, Young People

Child abuse is an act by parents or caregivers which endangers a child or young person's physical or emotional health or development. Child abuse is not usually a single incident, but takes place over time.

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