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Standards and protocols

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Author: South Eastern CASA

Victoria CASA Standards of Practice Manual

The aim of the Standards of Practice Manual is to consolidate the professional practice of sexual assault services in responding effectively and appropriately to the needs of victim/survivors of sexual assault.

Protocol between CASA Forum and Office of the Public Advocate

This protocol aims to define the roles of CASA and OPA in supporting victim/survivors of sexual assault who have a cognitive disability or mental illness and to assist CASA and OPA in developing collaborative work practices that ensure the effective provision of services to victim/survivors of sexual assault who have a cognitive disability or mental illness.

Responding to allegations of sexual assault in SRS

From time to time, residents living in supported residential services (SRS) may be victims of alleged sexual assault. In such instances, it is important that key individuals and organisations that may be involved in responding (including SRS proprietors, officers of the Department of Health and Centres Against Sexual Assault) have a clear understanding of their respective roles.

CEASE Standards of practice for treatment programs

The CEASE Standards of Practice present a set of requirements for services and service goals to ensure equity of access and quality of care for delivery of services. The Standards define and describe the quality of service provision. The Standards of Practice Manual sets out standards that are benchmarks in providing quality service which will act as guidelines for organizations providing treatment for children and young people with problem sexual behaviours and sexually abusive behaviours. The Standards recognize the specific issues facing rural and remote services which include recruitment, retention and often less experienced workers requiring more supervision.

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