South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence


I'm writing to pay compliments to your web site. I'm a student teacher and I found your site while doing research for a lesson plan I'm putting together, it was a great source of information on Internet issues and really helped me in drafting my lesson. Your site was a big help. Thank you.

Kate P

What an excellent site!! I hope you will not mind if I add it as a lo my personal web site as it has so much practical, well presented and relevent information.

Congratulations to all of you involved in the development of this site. I surf a lot of sites looking for information, links etc. and this is one of the best I have seen. It's really, really good, and I'm so glad you made it.

Nazu T

What an excellent web resource your SECASA pages are. Thanks.

Dr Lynda H

Came across your webpage and really liked it. I see a lot of these and because I teach and write courses on the subject of sexual offenders, I am always looking for new information. Your PTS section was particularly good and I passed it on to an author friend of mine who is coming out with a manual on this very subject. Good work.

Chris T M.Ed

I would just like to tell you what a wonderful job you have done on your website. I found it searching for information on an assignment I am doing for legal studies! I have/had been finding it hard to find information about rape and the law in Australia/Qld and finally I came along your site. We have to prove a prediction we make about it and mine was that many rapes go unreported due to trauma etc etc, and finding your site backed up everything I had predicted right up, and I just wanted to say thank you!


Thanks for creating and maintaining the site. I have only had a brief look, but it is really impressive to see the diversity of information you have made available.

I was abused for the age of 2-13 in foster care and then again when I was 17 at uni. I have only recently disclosed to my parents, who left me in foster care due to thier own problems. Thier reaction has not been the most supportive - I think I will encourage them to have a look at your site as it may help them understand the effects and trauma of childhood sexual abuse.

Thank you again


Dear All at SECASA

Just wanted to congratulate you on a wonderfullly informative and caring web page. You seem to have covered almost everything (and no I haven't discovered something missing). I've only just discovered the site and I now look forward to reading all the information in depth.

Thank you!

Karen A, Psychologist

I have been searching for an electronic version of Dr. Roland C. Summit's article "The Child Sexual Abuse Accomodation Syndrome".

Thanks for taking the time to make it available to the world via the web.


Your information; in particular "Some impacts of the childhood sexual abuse on the life of adult survivors" By Juliet Summers.

Establishes the inner terror and conflict felt by victims of these crimes.

After spending 8 months trying to 'be there' for someone who has these feelings, I now realise that for people unaffected by these issues, these basic truths are something we really take for granted.

Unfortunately for us as we overlook these simple rules when trying to deal with thier reactions to seemingly unselfish or unjustified responses we ALWAYS miss the mark and react in ways that must seem to them justification for thier continued self protection.

I wish I had this basic understanding a long time ago ...

Thanks again as I continue to further my understanding of a new language.


I'm currently in year 10 and had an assignment to do on child abuse and I would just like to thank you all for the information on your website has given me it has helped me a lot with understanding the meanings of child abuse. Once again thank you.

Thank you for the terrific information and access provided on your website. I learnt alot from it very quickly; Im a social worker student going into an int. dis environment in a few weeks. sites like yours enable people like me to gather some basic informed entry into the I.D sector.



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