Medical examinations after rape

Author: South Eastern CASA

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There are two kinds of medical examination you may choose to have after being sexually assaulted.

  • A general health check which is to ensure that your health is taken care of.
  • A forensic medical examination which is for the purpose of gathering evidence of the crime

The general health check

This examination can take place at your own doctor's practice if that is what you would prefer. It is not unusual to receive physical injuries, or to contract sexually transmissible infections during sexual assault. If you are afraid that you may be pregnant as a result of the assault, you should be offered the 'morning after pill'.

The forensic examination

This is conducted for the purpose of gathering evidence of the crime which has been committed. The counsellor/advocate will tell you about your rights in this process. For instance, you have the right to:

  • have a person of your choice with you at all times to support you
  • have an interpreter present if that is necessary
  • have everything that is involved with the examination explained to you.

The counsellor/advocate will ensure that whatever decisions need to be made, are made by you. Their role is to make you feel as comfortable as it is possible to feel about this whole process and to advocate on your behalf with the medical personnel and police.

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