Who can a man tell?

Author: Education Centre Against Violence

Tags: For Male Survivors

This article is written for men and assumes a male offender, however SECASA acknowledges that both men and women can be survivors of sexual abuse and that offenders can be male and female.

Information for men who were sexually assaulted as children, their parents, spouses and friends

This new and revised edition has been substantially updated, including a new section written specifically for Aboriginal men and an expanded list of services to assist men and their families. There is also new information about reporting the assault to Police and vicitims rights. It provides accessible information, validation and support for male survivors of child sexual assault, their families and friends. Topics include accounts by male survivors of childhood sexual assault, facts and figures, effects, issues for Aboriginal men and seeking help and support.

This information booklet is available from the NSW Education Centre Against Violence.
Their website is www.ecav.health.nsw.gov.au
To download the PDFclick here.

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