Rehabilitating offenders

Author: South Eastern CASA

Tags: Offending Behaviours, Prevention

Treatment programs for offenders

Child sexual abuse, sexual assault of adults and of peer aged victims is a crime, and in many instances, abusers and sexual offenders are tried and convicted. Some receive jail sentences. It is unclear whether jail alone is helpful in stopping the offender from re-offending.

There are a number of differing views regarding the best response to men who sexually abuse children. Research suggests that between roughly 30 and 65% of incarcerated offenders will not re-offend if provided with a comprehensive treatment program. Most professionals working with offenders in treatment programs agree that treatment needs to be a long term proposition, lasting between one and three years, and incorporating between 80 to 160 hours of intensive treatment therapy.

Whilst a number of theories suggest different approaches in response to sexual offenders, most researchers would conclude that if treatment begins in late childhood or early adolescence it has a greater chance of success. To this end, in conjunction with Children's Protection Society, SECASA initiated the Southern Sexual Abuse Counselling and Prevention Program (SSACPP).

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