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Support group for women who have a relationship with a sexual violence offender

You are invited to attend this support group for women who have been affected by having a long term relationship with an offender of sexual abuse. The relationship could be familial, close friendship or person in a position of power.

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Swinging away from violence

A group for women who are or have experienced violence from sexual assault or domestic violence.  Come and meet others from similar circumstances while enjoying group support in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

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Mandatory reporting and adults

I am posting this due to a recent report on AM which had some serious misinformation disseminated by an ex SECASA Counsellor. The information related to mandatory reporting. In the report the ex counsellor indicated that mandatory reporting of sexual assault of an adult was an obligation. This is incorrect.

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Sexting postcard

SECASA, YouthLaw and others together with funding from Victoria Law Foundation have produced a postcard aimed at boys and girls about sexting.

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Family violence counselling service

The SECASA Family violence counselling service provides counselling for adults children and young people who are or have been victims of family violence.

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Groups and workshops by Centres Against Sexual Assault

The Victorian Centres Against Sexual Assault offer a wide range of professional development workshops as well as groups and programs for victim/survivors of sexual assault, parents/carers and schools.

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